Halloween and paleo don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. But celebrating Halloween doesn’t mean you have to blow your diet and feel like shit, and it especially doesn’t mean you have to be tempted with cheap-ass candy and pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies.


These fingers are almost too creepy-looking to eat, but they sure are tasty. I use a homemade Larabar recipe and before letting them set, I shape them like fingers and use a spoon to make little lines over the knuckles. Sliced almonds make perfect nasty-looking fingernails.


Deviled eggs are always good, but you can make them Halloween-creepy by serving them with spiders. Obviously you won’t use real spiders (hopefully you don’t need me to tell you that), but you can shape some up with olives. There are a lot of recipes out there for these but I like this one because it uses avocado, which adds an even more creepy green color.


These are pretty easy to make. The hardest part is cutting faces into your peppers. Cut these scary faces while your oven is preheating at 350 degrees. Then stuff. I don’t care what you stuff your peppers with, but I like to use chili, and it’s okay if it comes oozing out of the eyes. It’s Halloween so the more gross it looks, the better. If you need a paleo chili recipe, pinterest is flooded with them. This is just one of the many good ones out there!


Serve this brain as a side dish and let guests pick away at it. This kind of lobotomy may look disgusting but is still nutritious and delicious.  You can even use these as jack o’ lantern brains as shown here!


When you’re carving out your pumpkins this year, don’t waste those seeds. Save them to roast and you’ll have a snack ready to munch on. The flavor possibilities are countless, from sweet cinnamon to spicy and salty, so feel free to play around with that. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees and coat the seeds with oil and whichever seasonings you want. Spread out on a baking sheet and roast for 10 minutes. Mix them up and roast for another 10-15 minutes. The seeds should be crispy and have a golden color.


Are all of these suggestions not good (and sweet) enough for you?  If you absolutely can’t make it through a Halloween without sugar, chill out. You can still have cookies, and this paleo cookie recipe will hit that sweet spot. Kids love these too and they don’t know it, but for a cookie there isn’t that much sugar. Find the recipe here!

Handing out treats to trick-or-treaters? Handing out fruit and healthy snacks can give you the “lame” label to your neighborhood kids. But that doesn’t mean you have to give them sugar-coated sugar dipped in chocolate to make them happy. Consider these sweet and tasty alternatives to typical Halloween candy:

  • Mini Larabars. These are dairy-free and soy-free, made with real food, and taste like a treat. They come in multiple flavor options and can be found in most grocery stores.
  • Real fruit strips. They taste like fruit snacks, but are made with real fruit. Some stores like Aldi and Target carry their own, less expensive brands. Just make sure you read the label to make sure you don’t get the ones with added sugar.
  • Honey sticks. So this treat obviously isn’t a sugar-free snack, but what kid doesn’t like sugar? Honey is a great alternative to sugar, offers added benefits, and the amount of honey in these sticks is small so it’s a lower calorie snack.

-By Kristina Neumeyer

Image by Paul Fuentes Design