Paleo Chocolate

We’re huge chocolate lovers over here. I mean, duh! We’re girls! The only problem is most of our old faithful brands are chock full o’ sugar and soy which totally sucks.

When I tried Hu Chocolate for the first time (mint was my first bar!) it was literally love at first bite. It’s so delish and so clean ingredient-wise… totally don’t even feel guilty for eating the entire bar in one day (which I did).

We’re also huge fans of organic, Fair Trade chocolate. To learn more about why, listen to fellow RD, Diana Rodgers’ podcast episode all about The Dark Side of Chocolate.

*Pictured: Simple Dark Chocolate Bar. Get it in time for Valentine’s Day!

Where to shop:

Thrive Market (absolute BEST price anywhere!)

Hu Kitchen

Whole Foods

One Stop Paleo Shop