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Eat Like A Bitch

When it comes to dating, the jury’s still out, but when it comes to eating, nice girls always finish last. To sum it up bluntly, you’re either a dream girl or a doormat. I’ll explain. ARE YOU THE NICE GIRL…

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Muscle-Building Recipe

SERVINGS: 3 times per week PREP TIME: 20-30 minutes each session Almost any exercise can build muscle if you do it right; the right amount of sets and reps, the right tempo and the right amount of rest between sets….

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Inside the January 2017 issue

We’ve exported a little teaser of the January issue so you can see a little bit of what’s inside before you subscribe! Check it out here! You can subscribe from inside the sample issue OR by clicking SUBSCRIBE below! See…

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The Food Hangover Rx

You ate too much last night, woke up puffy and drousy so you double up on your morning coffee and head out the door. A few hours later all you want is carbs. Lots of them. You cave, eat too…

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Is Ham Paleo?

If we are going to operate strictly on the “did a cave girl eat it” principle, then our answer is a big fat “no.” However, I’m going to need a little more science than that. Let’s take a closer look…

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