When it comes to dating, the jury’s still out, but when it comes to eating, nice girls always finish last. To sum it up bluntly, you’re either a dream girl or a doormat. I’ll explain.


“She’s the woman who goes along with what she thinks her man will like or want because she wants to keep the relationship at all costs.”

When she’s at a party she feels bad saying NO to extra food when the hostess encourages her to grab another cream puff. She lets her friends railroad her into ordering wings and pizza every Sunday night even though she’s trying to change her diet.

At the end of the day, when you let other people decide what or how much you’re going to eat, you’re being a doormat.

“Success in dieting is about attitude.”

“When a nice girl overcompensates, her behavior says, ‘What I have to offer isn’t enough, and who I am isn’t enough.’” 

The nice girl struggles with self confidence. She feels out of control and finds it easier to just go along with what everyone else is doing.

When you give in to what other people want you’re allowing them control. Shouldn’t YOU be in control of you?


“The bitch, on the other hand, gives a very different message. ‘Who I am is enough. Take it or leave it.’”

She knows who she is, what she wants and she doesn’t let other people sway her choices. If she wants a smoothie for lunch while coworkers are getting burritos, she’ll head out solo. She’s going to do what SHE wants, screw everyone else.

“She has the ability to remain cool under pressure.” 

No one is going to push this chick to eat something she doesn’t want and no baked-to-perfection pepperoni pie is going to sway her from ordering a grilled chicken salad because she knows what makes her feel good and what doesn’t.

“She has what the nice girl doesn’t: a presence of mind because she isn’t swept away by a romantic fantasy” …or a plate of pasta.

Some call it self control, but she knows it’s self awareness. She’s in tune with her body and knows when to put the fork down.

“She treats her body like a finely tuned machine. She maintains her appearance and health. A person’s self-respect is reflected in how he or she maintains physical appearance.” 

She cares about her body and makes health a priority.

The next time you’re around food (which will probably be pretty soon), act like the dream girl you want to be. Take it or leave it.


*originally published in February 2016 issue*