Posh Paleo Cleanse Challenge

We just announced our 7-Day Paleo Cleanse CHALLENGE yesterday and we’re already getting a TON of great questions from all of you so 1) thank you and 2) let’s get to answering them, shall we?!

  1. How do I know it’ll work: Because it’s worked for tons of girls before you and it’s my go-to meal plan for slimming down quick. I’ve personally used it over and over and lost all my baby weight (and then some) on it with zero exercise (don’t tell anyone that part, ok?! haha).
  2. It’s free? What’s the catch: No catch. I genuinely just love helping girls eat better and feel better about themselves and want to give away as much of my knowledge and experience as possible. I’m all yours for the next 7 days and I WANT to help you so join in chat, send me questions, tag me on social… I’m all in with you guys.
  3. Can I drink alcohol: NO!!! Booze inhibits weight loss in several ways so don’t touch it this week if you want to maximize your results.
  4. I don’t eat a lot of meat, how can I get enough protein: Whichever poultry/fish/meats you DO eat, plan your meals and recipes around them and then load up your meals with fats like seeds, olive oil, olives and avocado so you’re still uber satisfied. Don’t worry about the fat either- it’ll fill you up and help you burn fat.
  5. I’m moving and don’t have a stove: If you still have a fridge (or even a cooler or mini fridge) you can  totally get pre-made grilled meats, salads, steamed veggies, and stock up on bags of nuts and seeds this week. Also, avocados and tomatoes don’t need any refrigeration or prep… just saying 😉 P.S. this is totally for real and she’s doing the cleanse!! So proud/impressed!
  6. Can I do it if I’m breastfeeding or pregnant: absolutely! You can follow our modified plan that I’ll be sending out Friday with your shopping list and meal prep tips.
  7. Can I eat fruit again afterwards or do I have to keep eating this way forever to maintain: You can absolutely have fruit again! …and wine and chocolate 🙂 I’ll be sharing tips on life after the cleanse later in the week when it’s time to start thinking about post-cleanse food shopping.
  8. How is this not a fad diet: You’re eating real, whole foods that came from the earth, aren’t processed and aren’t tampered with to remove fat or add nutrients. You’re chewing your food, not drinking a factory-made concoction that’s nowhere near sustainable in the long term. You’re also eating plenty of calories so there’s zero starvation mode happening all week.
  9. Why don’t we count calories or measure portions? Besides the annoyingness of counting calories, it’s just not important right now. The number one thing we’re doing this week is detoxing from carbs and if you’re cutting calories at the same time you’re going to fail. Plain and simple. As you get over “the hump” (see #10), you’ll naturally eat fewer calories because your body will be completely satisfied and your cravings will be a distant bad memory.
  10. What’s “the hump?”: The hump is the hard part aka days 3 to 4. You’re going to feel groggy, you’re going to be tired and you’re definitely going to be bitchy (warn all husbands, beaus, lovers, bosses and friends). These are the days when your body is working overtime and even though it feels like shit, it’s how you know it’s working. The worse you feel, the more you needed this cleanse. And you’ll start to feel better around day 5, just stick with it!
  11. Should I be taking any supplements: Nope! The only ones I generally recommend anyway are a prenatal (with folate not folic acid), fish oil and vitamin D3 in the winter. If you’re nursing, pregnant or trying to get pregnant you can do all three just make sure your fish oil has mercury removed.
  12. I dont know if I can do it: You 100% can. We weren’t meant to eat the way we do in the first place so you don’t need it, you’re addicted to it. Don’t let food rule your life for one more day!
  13. I don’t think I can give up fruit (or bread or pasta): Typically what I’ve seen in practice over the years is that when we have something we feel we absolutely can’t live without, that’s usually the very thing we should be trying to give up — and that food could very well be the one that’s getting in the way of your results. Only one way to find out, right?
  14. Why the 7 day timeline: Seven days isn’t too scary, yet it’s long enough to make some serious progress. It takes about 3 or 4 days to adjust to life without sugar and starches and the last few days are to really drive it home and solidify your new craving-free life.
  15. Can I do the cleanse if I have blood sugar issues: Yes! Because of the lower carb/higher fat and fiber content it’s actually ideal for keeping blood sugar under control. If you have Diabetes, make sure you talk to your doctor, endo or diabetes educator first but in general, with Type 1 you can adjust insulin yourself as your pre/post meal BG levels change with your changing carb intake, but for Type 2 Diabetes it’s important to talk to your doctor since oral meds are pre-dosed and you could end up with really low BG which you always want to avoid.


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I’m sure we have more so if we missed yours or if you come up with any new ones, message me on Facebook, comment in chat or send me an email jenny@poshpaleo.com

Can’t wait to get started this weekend!!!!!!!!



Your Paleo RD and editor 🙂