Paleo Brunch Burger Recipe

We have to credit 5 Napkin Burger in NYC for this insanely delicious combination of food. How can you go wrong with a perfectly grilled burger topped with a sunny side up egg, bacon and spicy mayo!? You just can’t. Since brunch at 5 Napkin isn’t an option for most of you, we decided to recreate it at home — and make it Paleo, of course.

The burger itself tastes exactly the same as it does in the restaurant. The only difference is, we added a side of Siete Grain-Free Tortilla Chips and guac that we got at Whole Foods. Another side option is homemade sweet potato fries dipped in the spicy mayo…. amazing!!!

Burger Recipe:

6oz grass fed beef (per burger)

2 slices bacon

1 fried egg

2 Tbsp Primal Kitchen’s Spicy Mayo