Decide what you want. Evaluate your time. Open your eyes. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Excuses are like internal douchey boyfriends who put you down and make you feel like shit so you don’t think you can find someone better.

While yes, sometimes we really are busy or crazy life happenings come up and we’re literally stuck at a rest stop with only Doritos and Devil Dogs to choose from for dinner, most of the time we have the ability to make smarter choices or spend our time more wisely.

I’ve come up with a 3-step self/schedule reflection activity to help you sort out exactly what’s standing in the way of what you want most.

1. Make a list of all the things you want to do with your life

How you want to feel about yourself, where you want to live, what you want to be doing career-wise, who you want to be surrounded by, how you want to be seen by your peers and family; are your daily habits moving you toward those things, away from them or just not moving at all?

If you’re not moving toward your goals, odds are you’ve got a clingy, loser excuse beau lingering in your life who needs to be ditched ASAP.

2. Write it down

If you’re thinking, “but I really don’t have time” I strongly encourage you to track a day. Just one day. See where your time is being spent. From the minute you wake up until the minute you go to bed write down everything you’re doing. It sounds like quite an undertaking, and it is, but it’s one day. If this one day could change the trajectory of the rest of your life wouldn’t you say it’s worth it? Yeah, me too.

Ok so once you’ve done steps one and two it’s time to really start digging into the meat of this beast.

3. Compare what you want with what you’re doing

You want to be a freelancer who can work from anywhere and travel the world while making money, but you logged three Netflix binge hours last night instead of working on your craft or researching “how to be a freelancer” or reaching out to potential clients.

You zoned out on Facebook for 45 minutes at lunch instead of going for a walk to get your heart pumping.

You ordered take out for dinner and feel like a guilty, bloated blob today because those three hours spent watching Netflix the other night could have also been better spent meal planning or grocery shopping.

Are you starting to see a pattern? Really take an honest look at every minute of your day and see what’s sucking up your life minutes.

I realize we need down time and can’t be “on” every minute of every day, but even those “down” minutes can be spent wisely. Use them to completely shut down mentally and give your mind a break, use them to read and learn a new skill that’ll help you further your career, spend them playing silly games with your kids, use them to just relax in a bath with some wine and candles. You get the idea.

Don’t let an intangible “thing” aka excuse keep you from your dream life or your dream body. YOU are in control of every minute of your life; a life that we only get one of so make sure you’re moving toward what you want.


*originally published in May 2016 issue*